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Astonishing Gospel Magic Download
Astonishing Gospel Magic (Download) - Christian Illusionist Book

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In the past few years I have been adding many effects to my programs that could be labeled "mentalism". In earlier days as a Gospel Magician I stayed away from such tricks out of a concern that some would see this kind of thing as dabbling in the occult. I don't mean to be unkind, but I have found it true that audiences of Christian people are often quite gullible. It is not uncommon for them to want to attribute even a simple magic trick to "demonic" power. So I figured there might be some major controversy if I did anything that smacked of "mind reading".

Maybe I have matured in my style of presentation; maybe I have finally learned ways to set people at ease; maybe it is
a result of the changing times; I'm not exactly sure what the reason is, but I do know that I am now at a stage in life where I do seem to be able to present "mind reading" without upsetting the audience. In fact they are greatly entertained and the effects make them very receptive to the message being shared.

I have discovered that mentalism is fun to perform and fun to watch. It has a variety of other advantages:

a. It packs small yet plays big. Using "mental" type effects it is easy to carry an hour long program in a small briefcase.

b. It is amazing. Some of the most astonishing effects a magician can present relate to supposed powers of the human mind. (The title of the this book is ASTONISHING GOSPEL MAGIC because the magic truly is astonishing!).

c. It is especially well-received by teen agers. My experience is that teens respond to mentalism better than any other type of magic. They love the big illusions and the large productions, but the mind reading type of magic really "blows them away".

d. It is a super tool for leading into a discussion about the real occult world and strategies of Satan. The nature of these effects help people understand how easy it is to be deceived by those who claim to have special powers.

e. It is relatively inexpensive. Many strong mental effects require nothing more than a pencil and paper. Others use props such as a trick lock or gimmicked board which may or may not be cheap, but in comparison to putting together an illusion show the investment is still very small.

f. It adds variety to a program. If you do a "Crusade" type of presentation where you are in the same place for several nights mentalism gives a large number of effects to draw from. These effects are different than standard tricks involving boxes, silk, sponge balls, etc.

g. It allows audience participation. Most mental effects use someone from the audience. This results in the entire audience becoming more interested in what you are doing. When a member of the audience is put on stage there is a sense in which the mind of the entire audience is drawn up on stage as well.

Also, some mental effects use five or more people. That many people on stage makes the show seem much "bigger". I like using mental effects in our large stage illusion show because they fill up the stage with people and thereby add to the apparent size of the production.

It is worthwhile to add some "mentalism" to your bag of tricks. The purpose of this book is to provide some good mental effects for the Gospel Magician to use and to share insight on applying such effects to the communication of Biblical truth.


Chapter One: Calculation Sensation
Chapter Two: My Handling For Key To The Kingdom Chapter Three: Mental Location
Chapter Four: Agree With God's Word
Chapter Five: Before The Decision
Chapter Six: Lock Routine
Chapter Seven: An Astonishing Routine
Chapter Eight: Comedy Mind Reading
Chapter Nine: Recommendations

Final Words

Originally Published in 1994