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Beautiful Gospel Magic Download
Beautiful Gospel Magic (Download) - Christian Illusionist Book

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This book is a combination of classic magic effects, and some new ones. The purpose of the book is to provide the worker of Gospel Magic with ideas, both in the area of message and actual effects that will be helpful in communicating the truth of the Word ofGod to others.

The book is given the title, "Beautiful Gospel Magic" because of the two routines it contains that are a combination of effects done to music. The one routine in particular involves flowers and large silks that are produced as the song, "Something Beautiful", is played in the background.

May God be glorified by the use of the Gospel Magic effects described within these pages.

The Linking Ropes
A Second Lesson for the Linking Ropes
A Third Lesson for the Linking Ropes
The Egg Bag
The Power of the Prayer Closet
Clarence the Caterpillar - Gospel Style
A Gospel Message with the Mis-Made Flag
Something Beautiful
Joyful Joyful
Your Records
Double Color Changing Silk
Is the Hand Quicker than the Eye?
Elijah and the Hungry Widow
Everybody needs the Lord
A Lesson on Priorities with the Strat-O-Spheres
20th Century Silks - Gospel Style

Originally Published in 1989