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Books have long been one of the best ways to learn magic, and Laflin Magic Store has a wide selection of instructional magic books for sale. These books have been written by Duane Laflin, an expert magician and lecturer on the art of magic. One of the best magic trick books in this category is “Strong Magic With Silks.” The author is known for his silk magic proficiency and will teach you an assortment of tricks including the Arrow Silk Routine and Barehand Flag Blendo. This magic trick book download and many other books here are delivered within minutes so that you can begin practicing right away. From beginner magic books that help you learn the basics of the art to books on card magic and building your own illusions, there are pages and pages of useful information here that will make you a better magician.

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Miracles Who Can Do Them Download - Magician & Clown Performance Supplies
Miracles Who Can Do Them? Download
Our Price: $2.98


Duane Laflin is a Christian who is known around the world for his skills as a sleight of hand artist and illusionist. He also is a student of the Bible and one who is committed to an expository style in teaching and preaching.

In Miracles: Who Can Do Them?, He presents well-explained biblical answers to questions about the possession of supernatural power. He deals with matters such as: Is God the only one who can do miracles? If God is not the only one, who else can? If others can, what are the limits on their abilities?

Duane's purpose in writing is to glorify God as the one who "alone does miracles" and to help Christians understand what they should believe about amazing happenings and such things as psychics, fortune tellers, and demonic activity.

Duane also shares why he, as a Christian, believes illusions are a valid tool for ministry.

26 pages
Publisher: Laflin Magic (2004)
Feather Plume Magic (Download) - Magician & Clown Performance Book
Feather Plume Magic Download
Our Price: $3.98



At the end of December, 1994, 1 made a new year's resolution that I would seriously attempt to develop some good magic tricks with the classic "color-changing plumes" effect. For several years, feather plume magic had intrigued me, because it seemed to have so much potential, yet so little was being done with it.

Back then, the only trick I knew about, that was normally done with feather plumes, was a sequence of color changes that involved obvious repetition. The standard presentation was something like this: A red feather would go into a tube and come out green. The green plume would be set aside. Then a yellow plume would go into the tube and it would come out red. This would be continued with each new plume changing to the color of one that had already been passed through the tube. I felt that most people, after watching the plumes change several times, would catch on to the method. It wasn't hard to figure out that one plume simply went inside of another one that had been previously shown. This was verified by non-magicians who saw others do the trick and then commented to me that it wasn't particularly "tricky".

Not everyone feels that the standard color-changing plumes effect is a weak trick, but I did and still do. Nevertheless I liked, and still like, the basic idea of feather plume magic. Frankly, I think a reason why many magicians use the standard plume effect, even though they themselves may suspect it is a weak trick, is because the plumes are fun to work with. The bright colors, the easy way they can be handled, and the fact that, even when the crowd is very close or surrounding the performer, the gimmick cannot be detected, makes them very appealing.

I determined to discover other and better uses for the plumes. I was convinced there had to be a way to use them that would be truly baffling. I also was sure that there were many routine possibilities beyond that basic color-changing sequence that everyone seemed to present.

Early in 1995 I came up with my first new feather plume effect. 1 called it "Feather Funny Business". It was nothing more than a variation of the old "confusing wands" trick, but the size and color of the plumes made it seem like

an entirely new idea. "Feather Funny Business" was an instant hit with lay audiences and magicians. The magical aspect of it was so strong it fooled many magicians. The entertainment aspect of it also was strong. The routine got big laughs as well as gasps of surprise. When I put the effect on the market, it was a sell-out every time I showed it. Although I have now been showing the effect for nearly two years, it continues to sell out at every convention of magicians that see in

After "Feather Funny Business", I began to work with using the plumes as visual aids for programs in schools and churches. This led to a variety of simple tricks that nevertheless amazed the audience. I learned that plumes can be used in a very basic manner with good results. The fundamental secret is a good one. Audiences do not suspect the method...unless it is repeated so often that they

have time to analyze the sequence. Actually, the old and standard color-changing plumes trick would have been a good one, if performers had simply stopped after the first two color changes rather than doing four or five more.

In March of 1995 1 met with David Boyd at the c/* CAn'yhcn Mcgidc/ty regional convention in Adrian, Michigan. After mentioning to him my interest in feather p!ume magic, he expressed a common interest and shared with me some of the ideas that he had been working on. A principle that he had discovered, that 1 found to be especially impressive, was that of using a long plume and shell of the same color. This allowed him to load a shell into a tube that had been shown empty, or to steal a shell away without the audience thinking anything had changed. As you read the rest of this book, you will see the many clever routines that this basic concept makes possible.

Since then 1 have built on the basic method of the original color-changing plumes trick, the principle of "Feather Funny Business", and the matching shell and plume idea of David Boyd, to create a variety of effects with feather plumes that seem to be very effective.

I trust that readers will enjoy the ideas they discover in this book, and be able to put them to good use in magic shows. 1 also expect many more ideas and routines to be developed as more people get involved with the wonderful possibilities that are offered by feather plume magic.

Have fun doing some funny, fancy, and fantastic tricks with feather plumes!

Originally Published 1996

A Practical Routine for The Linking Rings - Magician & Clown Performance Book
A Practical Routine For The Linking Rings
Our Price: $3.98



I must introduce this book with the comment that the routine described is the result of many things that have been learned from many people. When it comes to such a common effect as the "Linking Rings" I do not think it is possible to be absolutely original.

What you are about to read has been developed over the course of years through reading, listening, adding, subtracting, experimenting, and sharing with others.

For me it is a PRACTICAL routine. It has been done hundreds of times and has always been well received by the audience.

I will not say that it is a perfect routine. I will say that it is something that "works" for me and it works for people I know who have taken time to learn it.

I trust it will work well for you.


The "Linking Rings" is not an easy effect to learn. It certainly is not "self-working". However it is wonderfully worthwhile to learn.

The "Linking Rings" is a tremendous mystery that never fails to please and mystify an audience. It is always ready to be performed. There are no angles to worry about. It
plays well from a large stage or in a close up situation. It is a perfect effect to use for adult groups, teen-age groups, and it even is enjoyed by children. In thank you notes I receive from my school shows the children often mention it as their favorite effect.

Don't give up on learning the rings! Carefully and patiently work at it and you will be comfortable with them in a surprisingly short time. Once you have learned them you will never regret it!

@ 1990 Duane Laflin - all rights reserved

Gospel Routines for Rope Tricks (Download) - Christian Illusionist Book
Gospel Routines For Rope Tricks Download
Our Price: $3.99

Gospel lessons for well known tricks such as:

*Rainbow or Patriotic Ropes

Stiff or Rigid Rope

*Professors Nightmare

Cut and Restored Rope

*Illusion Of One Rope

This book does not teach you how to do the rope tricks. !ts focus is on using wet! known rope tricks to illustrate spiritual truth.

Costuming for The Gospel Magician & Assistant (Download) - Christian Illusionist Book
Costuming For The Gospel Magician and Assistant Download
Our Price: $4.98

Whether or not you do gospel magic, you will find this book to be a valuable resource on the subject of costuming.

How do you decide what to wear when doing a gospel magic program?
How do you decide what an assistant should wear?
Where can you buy costumes for platform and stage presentations?
Are there certain colors to avoid when choosing a costume for stage?

This book is written from the perspective of many years experience in the ministry of gospel magic. It offers practical and specific advice about such things as where to get costumes, color choices, style choices for assistants, footwear choices, and more. It teaches key factors to consider when selecting what to wear when performing for different kinds of audiences. It gives recommendations for both men and women. Most of all, it is written with the specific concerns and challenges in mind that are faced by Christian entertainers.

28 pages
Copyright: Duane Laflin/Laflin Magic (2004, Revised 2008)
Clown Style Magic Book (Download) - Magician & Clown Performance Supplies
Clown Style Magic Book Download
Our Price: $4.98

Duane Laflin gives many fun, funny, and inspiring routines.  This book is specifically written for those who do magic as clowns.
Gospel Lessons with a Change Bag (Download) - Christian Illusionist Supplies
Gospel Lessons with a Change Bag Download
Our Price: $4.98


The change bag is one of the most versatile utility items any Gospel presenter can use. Here is a true classic from the archives (originally published in 1996), revised with 20 lesson ideas on a variety of topics..
...as well as tips on best practices when using a change bag.
Super Gospel Skits for Clown Ministry (Download) - Christian Illusionist Book
Super Gospel Skits For Clown Ministry Download
Our Price: $5.98

Super Gospel Clown Skits is a wonderful blend of funny business and serious message. Each skit offers comedy situations, jokes, and humorous lines, yet ends with a clear scriptural lesson and challenge. Along with entertaining dialogue, there is opportunity for slapstick action. The skits are written with a clown troupe or clown ministry team in mind. Most of them are written for presentation by two clowns, with suggested ways of involving more clowns. One of the skits is written for just one clown. It would be easy to modify several of the other skits for just one clown as well. It would also be possible to use many of the skit ideas for puppet programs if you prefer to do so. The bottom line is...this book is a valuable resource for creative ministry with humor!

By Mary and Duane Laflin The Skits and routines in this book have been collected over the course of twenty years. Everything in this book has been performed before regular audiences to very good response. The jokes do get laughs. The message does come across. The logic and sequence of each skit can be easily presented and understood. This is “Proven Stuff."

Duane Laflin and his wife Mary are full time entertainers who have used their performing skills in ministry for many years. Although their primary expertise is that of being Christian "illusionists" they have lectured and performed for every major convention of clowns in America and are sought after teachers for creative ministry conferences around the world. The Laflins write from broad practical experience and are much appreciated for their Biblically delightful approach to ministry.

56 pages
Copyright: Duane and Mary Laflin (June 2002)
Automatic Gospel Magic (Download) - Christian Illusionist Supplies
Automatic Gospel Magic Download
Our Price: $5.98

12 complete routines, spread over 48 pages, using readily available props that you might already have!

Lessons for
- The Phantom Tube
- The Empty (double load) Box
- Flower Wallet
- Obedient Heart
- Needle Thru Balloon
- Dove Pan
- 5 Lesson Ideas for a Change Bag
- 20th Century Silks
- The Right Conclusion
- Wandering CD
- Silk Pedestal

Be sure to shop here on LaflinMagicStore.com if you need any of the items listed.
Comedy Collection for Introducing Gospel Themes (Download) - Christian Illusionist Book
Comedy Collection for Introducing Gospel Themes Download
Our Price: $5.98

This book is a collection of comedy lists that I have used over the years to introduce various themes in preaching, teaching, and public speaking on spiritual matters.

Each list is presented along with the text that was used and the introduction of which it was a part.

The object of this book is not that the reader would use the lists and introductions exactly as they are shared. The object is rather to suggest possibilities that can be taken in a variety of directions in different situations.

Often in public speaking, teaching, preaching, bringing a devotional, or in serving as a master of ceremonies one finds there is a need to make a transition from a veryhappy and light hearted atmosphere to one that is more serious.

The following comedy lists may be very helpful for that. They entertain the people and at the same time can lead into some very important themes.

Of course, the reader is welcome to use these lists and introductions in any way he would choose.

NOTE: The lists have been collected over many years from multiple sources. Most of the lists are compiled. They include things from the newspaper, jokes friends have told me, bits
and pieces I have heard on the T.V., radio, and so on.

Originally Published in 1990