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Effective Gospel Magic Download
Effective Gospel Magic (Download) - Christian Illusionist Book

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There are three things that need to be said about the material in this book.

#1. The book is fundamentally a collection of ideas and routines. They are written out in detail following three major divisions. First the effect itself is described. Second the secret or method of the effect is given. This is the place where there is clear instruction as to how to actually do the effect. Third the presentation is described. At this point the complete message for the effect is written out as well as further explanation of how the effect is done and presented. Inserted among the effect, secret, and presentation there will be various comments and notes that the reader should find extra helpful.

#2. The layout of the book itself follows a very simple arrangement. Every routine is a chapter in itself. So also every idea that stands alone is a chapter in itself. Basically the book is a collection of concepts and effects that individually can be used in sharing Biblical truth. Therefore to use the book all that is necessary is that each chapter be studied in itself. To find a routine simply examine the chapter headings in the table of contents.

#3. In the writing of these books I sincerely desire to give credit where credit is due. The problem is that I cannot always remember where I first saw something or even if I did first see it done by someone else. Please be gracious if I have neglected to mention a source. My intention is honor the efforts of others whenever possible. Without a doubt there are many who have been a great blessing to me by way of teaching and inspiring me in the ministry of Gospel Magic.

One More Comment...

Let's remember that the most important word in "Gospel Magic" is "Gospel".

We must never use the church platform as an excuse to do magic. If the message is not personally important to us then we should have enough integrity to do secular magic instead.

If the message is personally important to us then let us use the matter of illusion, (people call it "magic", but of course it is simply visual puzzles and mysterious effects), as a vehicle to convey it.

The magic is only a tool to help capture the attention of the audience. Illusion grabs the attention of the eye. When we have the eye of the person we usually have the ear as well. When we have the ear we have an entrance to themind. Our privilege is tobring the person's mind into contact with the Biblical truth. The Holy Spirit then works through the truth to bring a change of heart.

We may enjoy our effects and be fascinated by them, but our commitment must be first and foremost to Christ and His gospel.

Note: To say that "Gospel" is the most important word in "Gospel Magic" is not to say that performing the magic well is not important. Skillful performance of the illusion is a reflection on the quality of life that Christians should possess. We do things decently and in order. We are striving for excellence in personal character and in the use of our gifts.


A Nice Warm Up Idea...

Chapter 1: "The Arrow Silk"
Chapter 2: "My Pet Rope"
Chapter 3: "If Christ Be Not Risen - But Now He Is"
Chapter 4: "Coffee Vase - The Wages Of Sin" The Gospel "R's"
Chapter 5: "Regeneration - Streamer To Butterfly"
Chapter 6: "Restoration - Cut And Restored Silk"
Chapter 7: "Reconciliation - Middle Silk Release"
Chapter 8: "The Wathen Heart"
Chapter 9: "Double Load Dove Pan For Blendo Effects And Vanishes"
Chapter 10: "The ChristianToy Box"
Chapter 11: "Mutilated Parasol - The Exchanged Righteousness Of Christ"
Chapter 12: "Smiley The Clown - Gospel Style"
Chapter 13: "A Quick Idea For a Crystal Silk Cylinder and the 20th Century Silks"
Chapter 14: "Fool Proof Rabbit Production- The Old Rugged Cross Made The Difference"
Chapter 15: "Drawer Box - No Sin In The Life Of Christ"
Chapter 16: "Abundant Life - A Routine To Music"

Four Favorite Illusions
Chapter 17: "TheSword Basket"
Chapter 18: "TheDoll House"
Chapter 19: "TheSubstitution Trunk"
Chapter 20: "TheUpright DividedLady" .

Well That's It .............................A Final Word

Originally Published in 1992