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Practical Gospel Magic
Practical Gospel Magic - Christian Illusionist How-To Book

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This book is in two major sections. The sections are quite similar to one an other in basic nature. The difference mainly comes in emphasis. Section One focuses more on applications and illustration. Section two focuses more on ideas and simple performance.

Section One: Application and Illustration

The Death, Burial, and Resurrection Of Christ Illustrated With The 20th Century Silks
Life Is A Puzzle
Isaiah 1:18
Silk Wonder Box Blendo
Crystal Silk Cylinder - Sin Versus The Abundant Life
Gospel Application for Sponge Balls to Spectators Hands
Here Is My Heart
Can The Leopard Change His Spots?
The Choice
A Simple Gospel Message For The "Self-Vanishing Silk"
My Routine for the Vanishing Coke Bottle Effect
A Gospel Routine with the Soft Soap Effect
Only Jesus Can Fill The Empty Spot
What Kind Of People Go To Heaven?
Who Can God Use The Most?
Who Can Be Saved?
My Gospel Application For The Cut and Restored Rope
A Neat Idea For A Botania

Section Two: ideas and Simple Performance

How Many Ways To Heaven?
Save— Lose— Lose— Save
What Do We Find in The Religions Of The World?
True Fulfillment
The Right Choice
Silk Wonder Box
Bible Paper Tear Using Popcorn Dye Box
The Widow's Mite Using Popcorn Dye Box
Crystal Silk Cylinder: Romans8:28
Cheap Production— But Effective
Square Circle Production Idea
Rainbow Ropes To Talk About Marriage
The Force Bag
My Version Of A Dye Version
Daniel AndThe Lions


@ 1988, 1994 Duane Laflin - all rights reserved