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Magicians Rope – Rope Tricks & Supplies

With a little bit of magic, a simple piece of rope can go a long way. That is definitely true with our wide selection of professional magic trick supplies and magic trick rope! Keep your performance fresh and exciting by browsing our variety of magnetic magic ropes that all have different capabilities and functions. From rope that is able to stand straight up in the air, to ones that can transform into silk right before your eyes, these magicians ropes are a surefire way to please even the most picky audiences! Available in a wide variety of sizes and colors, you are able to effortlessly add a sense of amazement and whimsy to any magic performance, big and small. Shop today and be on your way to opening a world of excitement and mystery!

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Rope to Silk (12")
Our Price: $7.50
Rope to Silk 12 Inch - Magician & Clown Performance Supplies
A soft rope stands vertically in the air!  Then, it instantly changes into a red silk right in your hands.  This is a fun trick that is easy to do and resets quickly.
Stiff Rope
List Price: $12.00
Our Price: $12.00
Sale Price: $8.00
Savings: $4.00

Stiff Rope - Magician & Clown Performance Supplies
A great magical effect!  Easily make an ordinary looking piece of rope go from limp to straight at your command.  The rope can stay straight horizontally and almost completely vertically.  You can even make "your pet flea" walk across the rope.  The rope indents as the flea moves from one side to the next.  Easy to do, highly visible.

Pet Flea Version:

Gospel Version:
25' Hank of Thick Magicians Rope
Our Price: $9.00

25 Hank of Thick Magicians Rope - Magician & Clown Performance Supplies
A 25 foot bundle of white soft cotton rope.  The rope has a soft "feel" to it that makes it easy to use, and yet it is thick enough to be seen well from stage.
Professional Patriotic Rope
Our Price: $10.00
Professional Patriotic Rope - Magician & Clown Performance How-To DVD
Made from high quality rope. Three ropes- one red, one white, and one blue come together to form one long rope. This is featured on the Art of Gospel Magic three volume DVD set by Duane Laflin.

Rainbow Rope Circle
Our Price: $10.00

Rainbow Rope Circle - Magician & Clown Performance Supplies
Three colored ropes are tied into three separate circles.  When the three circles are tossed into the air, they come down as one giant circle!

50' Hank of Bright White Professional Magician's Rope
Our Price: $12.00
50 Hank of Bright White Professional Magicians Rope - Magician & Clown Performance Supplies
50' Hank of Quality Magician's Rope.
Red, Yellow, Black, and White Rope Trick
List Price: $15.00
Our Price: $12.00
Sale Price: $12.00
Savings: $3.00

Red Yellow Black & White Rope Trick - Magician & Clown Performance Supplies
Four different ropes are tied together. Then, the knots joining the ropes together disappear and the rope is shown as one solid rope made up of four colors. Can be passed out for examination at the conclusion. Gospel and Comedy routines included! "Red, yellow, black and white, they are precious in His sight!"
No Hands Cowboy Card and Rope Trick / Lassoing A Card/ Cowboy Cards
List Price: $15.00
Our Price: $15.00
Sale Price: $12.00
Savings: $3.00
No Hands Cowboy Card & Rope Trick Lassoing a Card/ Cowboy Cards - Magician & Clown Performance Supplies

The magician has someone select a card. The card is then placed back into the deck and the cards are mixed. The deck of cards is dropped into a box. The box is shaken to further shuffle the cards.

The magician shows the audience a short piece of rope. He claims he has been working on combining cowboy skills with being a magician. He lowers the rope into the box and does a lasso type of action with it. The rope is then lifted up from the box and tied into it is the selected card!

Three Rope Card Trick
Our Price: $15.00
Sale Price: $12.99
Savings: $2.01
Three Rope Card Trick - Magician & Clown Performance Supplies
Three 5" x 8" cards are shown. The back of the cards are blue, and the front have pictures or a red rope. The first time the cards are put down, they form three different size ropes. The cards are picked up, then put down again- this time they show three ropes that are the same size. One more time the cards are picked up. When they are put back down they now show one long rope!

This effect is easy to do, packs flat, and looks fantastic!
Linking Ropes - Colored Version
List Price: $20.00
Our Price: $16.99
Savings: $3.01
Linking Ropes Colored Version - Magician & Clown Performance Supplies

What happens?

Two volunteers are invited to the stage. Each is given a short piece of rope. The magician also has a short piece of rope.

The magician demonstrates how to tie the short rope into a circle. The volunteers are asked to make circles with their ropes.

The concept of fellowship is introduced. Explanation is given that fellowship is not Christians going separate ways and working alone. It rather is working together.

As an example of this, the three separate circles of rope are mysterious joined together.

Three individual lengths of rope are tied in separate circles. Then, without untying the knots, the circles magically link and then separate again. All three ropes link and then come apart. This is like the "linking rings", only done with rope. A tremendous effect involving light-weight props that are easy to carry with you. Comes with instructions and routine by Duane Laflin.