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Strong Gospel Magic
Strong Gospel Magic - Christian Illusionist How-To Book

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How To Use This book

This book is meant to accomplish two main things. First it aims at explaining actual magic tricks that a Gospel worker
may want to make or purchase. Second it aims at explaining clearly how a Christian message can be illustrated through using such tricks.

Because of those two aims there are several things a person can do when reading the book. One thing is choose to do the tricks and give the message with them just as the book describes. That is fine. Another thing a person may do is think about the tricks and effects described and come up with a completely different message. That also is a good idea. Then as well a person may want to take the message that is given and apply
it to other tricks. That is another thing that is good to do.

Please keep the various options in mind. Do not conclude that since you don't own the magic trick described you cannot use the information given with it. Most of the lessons could be illustrated by a variety of effects. On the other hand most

of the effects could illustrate a variety of messages. Let this book be a stimulator of thought and possibilities. You are welcome to use things just as they are written out...you are encouraged to use the things written to come up with other and even better things of your own.


God Wants You To Be Miserable (No, He doesn't!) - Trick with Silk Poke and Clown Silks

Using the Silk Poke

A-B-C Stung - No BeliefTrick with A-B-C effect

Don't Go For A- Ride On A Tiger - Trick with "Tiger Lady" effect

How Many Gods Are There? - Trick with "Multi-Colored Rope Link" - also known as the "Fantastic Loops"

Habit- A trick drawing that leads from habit to the cross

Red And White Comedy Routine To Teach Fellowship - Uses a Change Bag

Death Is Not The End -Uses a Thumbtip and small Drawer Box or Silk Pedestal

Who Is Hanging Unto Who? - Done with the "Prayer Vase" trick

Christ In You - You In Christ - Done with "Inner-Outer Boxes", also known as "Gozinta Boxes"

Knots Off Silk - Sin Leaves Scars - An unusual silk trick

You Can't Outgive God - 5 Rope Repeat - Rope trick

@ 1991 Duane Laflin - all rights reserved