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Wonderful Gospel Magic Download
Wonderful Gospel Magic (Download) - Christian Illusionist Book

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Magic tricks are illusions that, when done properly, create in the minds of those who see them a happy sense of wonder. They are stunts that entertain by challenging the mind and offering the pleasure that comes from seeing something unusual and mysterious.

Magic tricks are also great teaching aids. Their very nature produces thinking on the part of an audience. Because people wonder how the tricks are done, they consider a variety of things about them. They watch what the magician does and listen to what is said. When an effect is used as an illustration of another concept, people are likely to understand the comparison because they have both a visual aid and an event (the action of the trick) to guide their thoughts.

On the other hand, the Gospel is a message that contains many real wonders. There is the wonder of how God can love us in spite of our sin, the wonder of salvation being truly a free gift, the wonder of total forgiveness being offered to those who are willing to repent and believe, the wonder of God's willingness to send and sacrifice His only begotten Son, and then the wonder ongoing of living the Christian life and continually seeing God's grace in action . There is also the wonderful power of God that is available to man in the face of every need and adversity.

Sharing the good news about Jesus Christ, and the wonderful opportunity to live for Him, is giving witness of the most wonderful message in the universe. It is a message of great value and vital importance that needs to be heard by every person. It is such a grand message that every means at the disposal of a Christian should be used to bring it to the ears of others.

This is where the mysteries, stunts, and special effects of the illusionist come in. He or she can use the simple wonder that is created by a magic trick to introduce others to the greater and spectacular wonders of the Gospel. The natural appeal that is part of this form of entertainment can become a platform from which truth can be presented.

This is the purpose to which this book is devoted. Although simple in style, the writing is done to place tools in the hands of Christian workers that will help them attract many to situations where God's wonderful truth will be heard.

This is also why this book is called WONDERFUL GOSPEL MAGIC. It is a wonderful thing to use magic tricks to illustrate and teach concepts that are eternally significant.

Read the book, study the ideas, use the tricks and lessons to teach and encourage others to personally experience the wonders of God's love.


Page 3 - Introduction

Page 5 - Torn and Restored Tissue To Silk

Page 11 - The Amazing Upside Down Feather Trick

Page 15 - Save Lose Lose Save

Page 19 - Thrice Right

Page 23 - Gospel Production Folder

Page 27 - The Big Decision

Page 33 - Changed From The Inside Out (Feather Routine)

Page 35 - A Lesson On Priorities With The Strat-O-Spheres

Page 39 - Knot The Best Decision

Page 41 - Life Is A Puzzle (also known as "Is there Magic In The Air")

Page 45 - Changed Lives (Another Feather Routine)

Page 47 - Multiple Thumbtips

Page 51 - How Do you Spell Salvation?

Page 55 - Born Once, Die Twice, Born Twice, Die Once

Page 59 - Are All Religions The Same (Updated Handling)

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