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Laflin Magic Store
The Premier online provider of professional quality magic equipment and the official source for Laflin's Magic and Silks.

Laflin Magic Store is owned and operated by professional magicians David and Teesha Laflin. Since 2002 David and Teesha have performed full-time all across the United States, in several foreign countries, and on five different continents. They have performed for the NCAA at the final four and have been featured on the Daystar Television Network. David and Teesha, along with their four kids, have presented their illusions for churches, schools, corporations, conferences, conventions, and in many other venues. The love to use their real-life experience to help find create magic tricks and other products that they know other people will find helpful.

Much of what you will find on LaflinMagicStore.com comes from the creative genius of Duane and Mary Laflin, David’s parents. Duane and Mary are very highly respected throughout the magical community and beyond for their performances, showmanship, and character. For over 30 years Duane has created new magic tricks, illusions, and effects for both professional magicians and those who desire creative teaching tools.

Duane and Mary Laflin are very well known for both their silk tricks (including numerous silk designs and silk effects) and countless contributions to Gospel Magic. Duane is the author of over 40 books, and has also produced dozens and dozens of DVD’s.

In South Africa, Duane was honored to be a special guest lecturer at the Siegfried and Roy College Of Magic. In Mexico City he received the illusionist award. In Singapore he was honored as a star of magic. The prestigious Magic Circle, headquartered in London, England, has granted Duane the highest possible status. In 2008, they made him a member of the Inner Magic Circle With Gold Star.

Mary Laflin was honored by the dean of the Society of American Magicians to be included in his “top ten list” of magician’s assistants. She is a delightful personality and skilled performer. In recent years she has focused her attention on the business side of the show, so does not appear on stage as often as she did in the past. However she always is working with the show and has much to do with its success.

After touring for many years, Duane and Mary settled in Custer, South Dakota, where they perform locally at the Grand Magic Theater and tour in their off-season.