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Miracles Who Can Do Them Download - Magician & Clown Performance Supplies
Miracles Who Can Do Them? Download
Our Price: $2.98


Duane Laflin is a Christian who is known around the world for his skills as a sleight of hand artist and illusionist. He also is a student of the Bible and one who is committed to an expository style in teaching and preaching.

In Miracles: Who Can Do Them?, He presents well-explained biblical answers to questions about the possession of supernatural power. He deals with matters such as: Is God the only one who can do miracles? If God is not the only one, who else can? If others can, what are the limits on their abilities?

Duane's purpose in writing is to glorify God as the one who "alone does miracles" and to help Christians understand what they should believe about amazing happenings and such things as psychics, fortune tellers, and demonic activity.

Duane also shares why he, as a Christian, believes illusions are a valid tool for ministry.

26 pages
Publisher: Laflin Magic (2004)
Christmas Magic Download
Christmas Magic Download
List Price: $6.98
Our Price: $6.98


Table Of Contents

Welcome - Page 1 General Format - Page 2



Page 44 Chapter twelve - The Reason For The Season
Page 51 Chapter thirteen - A Lesson With The Strat-O-Spheres
Page 54 Chapter fourteen - Happy Birthday Jesus
Page 56 Chapter fifteen - Christmas Lesson With A Blendo Effect
Page 59 Chapter sixteen - God's Plan For Saving The World - Isaiah

Page 64 Chapter seventeen - Who Is Real?

Page 66 Chapter eighteen - Christmas Fun
Page 67 Chapter nineteen - A Joke.. No-el
Page 71 Chapter Twenty - Direction Arrow Santa Claus - Harmony
Page 76 Chapter twenty one -Making Christmas Happen Again In You!

Page 80 Format for Christmas Magic Show - Fun and Entertainment
Page 81 Format for Christmas Magic Show - Gospel
Page 82 Contribution from Greg Wood

- How To Bake A Snowman,
Tom And Restored Christmas Message, Another Way To Say, "Merry Christmas", It Is Better To Give Than To Receive - Ideas, A Large Illusion

Shoes of Peace
Shoes of Peace
Our Price: $7.50

A stack of "shoes" is shown to the audience. At the beginning, the audience can only see the back of the shoe cards, which are all black. As the cards are placed down one at a time, a volunteer says "stop" at any time. The chosen card is turned over. A prediction is then pulled out of the envelope showing a perfect match!

This presentation helps illustrate Ephesians 6 which tells us to put on the whole armor of God. Verse 15 (NLT) specifically says "For shoes, put on the peace that comes from the good news so that you will be fully prepared."

Includes 12 brightly colored shoe cards, each measuring approximately 1 3/4 x 3 3/4", a prediction envelope, full explanation and instruction.

Anatomy of a Gospel Magic Show (Download) - Christian Illusionist Book
Anatomy of A Gospel Magic Show Download
Our Price: $7.98


By Duane Laflin. How to put together a gospel magic show from start to finish. This book offers practical insight and working knowledge that can only be gained by years of performing experience...or by reading this book!
Look & Laugh Book (Download) - Magician & Clown Performance Supplies
Look and Laugh Book Download
Our Price: $7.98

Looking for fun and funny stuff to use in banquet programs, emcee work or to add humor to a program of any kind?

This book is a collection of sight gags, visual puns, and comedy ideas that you will enjoy presenting and audiences will enjoy seeing.

Every joke in this book is performance tested. The concepts may not always get big laughs, but they will at least get groans. (A groan can be an excellent form of audience participation!)

Enjoy using parting the red C, the jumping star, advertising mistakes, stage hand, boomerangs, the cat-a-log, and more.

LOOK AND LAUGH is a resource you will use again and again!

82 pages
Publisher: Laflin Magic (May 2010)
Magicisms (Download) - Magician & Clown Performance Book
Magicisms Download
Our Price: $7.98

This book is like a "One Minute Manager" for magicians and other entertainers! Concise yet loaded with practical insight, inspiring anecdotes, and specific concepts about showmanship, stagecraft, music, costuming, dealing with volunteers, and much more. Read what it says. Think about what it says. It will help you become a better performer!

104 pages
Copyright: Duane Laflin/Laflin Magic (May 2008)
Practical Magic for Kid Show & School Show Entertainers - Magician & Clown Performance Book
Practical Magic For Kid Show and School Show Entertainers
List Price: $9.98
Our Price: $9.98
Sale Price: $7.98
Savings: $2.00


Introduction - Page 17

A Special Word - Page 21

An Important Initial Comment - Page 23

A Note To The Gospel Worker - Page 25

Some Ideas For Warming Up An Audience - Page 29

A. Clap Hand Stunts
B. Raise Hand Gags
C. The Exact Distance Gag
D. Group Impressions
E. Ridiculous Jokes

My Ten Favorite Elephant Jokes - Page 35

Some Ideas For Crowd Control - Page 37
A. Have A Front Row Seating Line B. Hydraulic Sit And Stand
C. Repetition Of Key Ideas
D. Yes Sir And No Sir
E. Group Impressions And Other Things

Pacing A Program - Page 41

Program Number One In Attitudes For Learning - Page 45

Program Number Two In Attitudes For Learning - Page 47

Warmup Effects - Page 49
A. Vanishing Cane To School Name
B. The Warmup Flower
C. Silk Poke Color Memory Routine
D. Burnt And Restored Handkerchief
E. Color Changing Shoelaces
F. Dove Production To School Name
G. Thumbtip Routine

Another Thought About The Psychology Of The Magic Program - Page 67

An Opening Routine With Music - Page 69

A Big Closing Routine To Music - Page 75

The Amazing A-B-C Block - Page 77

Is There Magic In The Air? - Page 81

A Music Routine For The Mutilated Parasol - Page 89

I Love The Vanishing Coke Bottle - Page 91

Description Of The Effects In The Attitudes For Learning Program - Page 95
A. Perspiration - Cut And Restored Rope
B. Patience - Clarence The Caterpillar
C. Pay Attention - Forgetful Freddie
D. Participation - Linking Ropes
E. Persistence - Sad Castle

The Toy Box Rabbit Production - Page 111

Another Rabbit Production - The Sword Of Damocles - Page 115

Drawer Box Rabbit Production - Page 119

The Fool-Proof Instant Rabbit Production - Page 123

A Halloween Routine With "Cube On Release" - Page 129

The Time Machine Rabbit Production - Page 131

Don't Forget How Fun The Milk Pitcher Can Be - Page 135

Kids Like Streamers - Page 137

Equi-Rope - Do Y our Best - Page 139

What's Next - Don't Expect Everything To Be Easy - Page 143

Some Comments Related To Attitudes For Learning Program Number Two - Page 145

Don't Give Up - A Lesson With The Crystal Silk Cylinder - Page 153

Standard Effects I Especially Enjoy - Page 155

An Idea For Using A Dove Pan To Make A Big Blendo - Page 157

Charles Goodyear And The Dove Pan - Page 159

Conclusion - Page 161

@ 1990 Duane Laflin - all rights reserved